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Cover for 101 film per ragazze e agazzi eccezionali with lot of illustrations aboout movies for children
Cover for a children book based on Alexandre Dumas Robin Hood
Cover for a stickers children book about dragons
Cover for a children book about Socrate
Cover for a children book about the presocratics
Cover of a book based on the Goldoni's Trilogia dell Villeggitura
cover book for an almanac of borrowed books
Cover for a rubdown unicorn book
Cover for a unicorn stickers book
Cover for Il segreto dei libri perduti by Carla Ciccol
Cover fo a mermaid stickers book
Cover for a children book about Nature
Cover book for La pace è bella by Luia Tumiati
Cover with a dragonfly and a butterfly
Cover fr Pipì lo scimmiottino color di rosa by Carlo Collodi
Illustrations for the Chef Rubio's book about street food
illustration with a crab on the seashore
Cover illusration of flowers
Cover book for theUnicorns magic painting book