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self portrait of camilla garofano

I was born in Empoli (Florence) in 1985, and until 2010 I was convinced that I wanted to design theatre costumes for the rest of my life.
Turned 26, I decided to fulfill my childhood dream, and I started to draw little creatures and imaginary worlds.
Now I work with digital media and I especially love to draw for children because they always understand everything, even things that seem absurd to adults.
Overall, I'm a passionate hard-worker with enthusiasm for life,I am very close to my small family, my friends and my little town.


Usborne Publishing-Newton Compton editori-

Piemme Edizioni-Giunti-Eli La Spiga-Sperling & Kupfer-Arcturus Publishing-Gribauso-Loesher-Mondadori-Yomi studio-Raffaello editore





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